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Picture Of The Week

Week # : 5 This is one of the oldest temples in Kancheepuram,Tamil Nadu. The KailasaNathar Temple. Picture is taken while i was visiting the place couple of years back. This temple was built from 685-705 AD by a Rajasimha ruler of the Pallava Dynasty.


My son Adi loves the game PeekABoo. He always wants to play it with me. And here I am taking advantage of it maximum. Whenever I have to change his attention from something which he is not supposed to touch, I have to just tell him, “Adi, Amma is gonna play PeekABoo”, and he will be running behind me already. We also play it during his play times and even before his nap time. He enjoys it lot. When we play it together it joys me as well. And it reminded me of my childhood where we played hide and seek with lot of Interest. My hometown is a village and there were lot of children growing up together. Me, my SIS along with them used to spend most of our playtime by playing hide and seeks. It was our favorite. Hide and seek is bit different from PeekABoo since we hide until someone comes and find you. I already told you guys my home town is a village, and there were lot of places for us to hide. Most of the house sill is inside one acre land which will have lot of trees. And it’s small hil…

A Perfect Day!!

Disclaimer: This is just an imaginary story. Has nothing to do with anyone or anything. If finds similarity just that we all go through same situations at times..!!!! Haven’t you ever wanted to have a Day filled with happiness? A day when you think about has only laughs and smiles. Here is one such day anyone loves to have.
The Story!
It’s our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years is just a start, but of course it is long beautiful 5*365 mornings with a wonderful person next you to share a smile, Of course some fights as well. I moved towards his side of the bed to give him a warm hug and special anniversary kiss. But I opened my eyes without seeing him next to me. Where is he gone this early? It’s always me who wake up first. I could hear the droplets of rain falling in the ground. A beautiful rainy morning! Oh, God! Thank you for such a start. But my husband is missing! Where is he? At this time he only tries to cuddle up under a blanket. I wonder where he is gone. He might have got an urg…

Picture Of The Week

Week #4 :

Oh! Flower, you are such a beauty Our eyes are drawn to your splendor. Oh! Flower you dances in the breeze Charming our senses! Oh! Flower you are such a beauty!!

Be Better!!!

I always sit here and think about what I am gonna write next, nothing. Over these years one habit which doesn’t fade away from me is laziness. I start the whole enchilada, but don’t stick to it for long time.  My interest keeps changing from time to time. I started this blog thinking of becoming a famous blogger!!! ok…ok at least write few good posts.  But it doesn’t seem like going anywhere. I ran out of ideas soon.  Even if I think for hours and hours I don’t get even a single topic to write about. Why is it so? Why am running out of ideas? May be I don’t think anymore!! I don’t. I really don’t know how to think. When I sit to write, my mind goes around all the places in my house. Did I switch off the stove? What is my son doing?  Is my laundry done? What else? Ask me, I will have hundred questions in mind. May be I should practice meditation to concentrate. My last post was in February. Maybe I should stop blogging. No! I am not quitting. I should beat my weakness. I realize to be goo…