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My son Adi loves the game PeekABoo. He always wants to play it with me. And here I am taking advantage of it maximum. Whenever I have to change his attention from something which he is not supposed to touch, I have to just tell him, “Adi, Amma is gonna play PeekABoo”, and he will be running behind me already. We also play it during his play times and even before his nap time. He enjoys it lot.
When we play it together it joys me as well. And it reminded me of my childhood where we played hide and seek with lot of Interest. My hometown is a village and there were lot of children growing up together. Me, my SIS along with them used to spend most of our playtime by playing hide and seeks. It was our favorite. Hide and seek is bit different from PeekABoo since we hide until someone comes and find you. I already told you guys my home town is a village, and there were lot of places for us to hide. Most of the house sill is inside one acre land which will have lot of trees. And it’s small hilly side so land will not be flat. That made it easy for us to hide for long time and win the game.
So, this day we were playing hide and seek as usual. One of my cousins was the one who needs to find or the seeker. We all got and hide in separate places so the seeker could not find us. At times by giving sound from the hiding places we Made fun of him. At last after a good amount of time he found every one of us except my SIS.
Game got over and we were not able to find her at all. Nobody had any clue about the place where she was hidden. There will be boundary set for the places to hide, so she couldn’t go far away as well. Everyone got scared since we were not able to find her at all. My mom and dad also joined the search and my mom was almost in tears. At last we found her sleeping inside a hole underneath a big tree. She was sleeping nicely making the hole her bed without knowing the fuss she made by disappearing while playing. Everyone got scared for some time for sure, but it makes us laugh always when we remember about it later. She was looking so cute sleeping inside that hole.
Thank God! That was not a time of FB, otherwise many of us would have taken her picture and post it in our wall. We still make fun of her about this incident whenever we all are together.
Now here when Adi has only me to play with him, I remember how much fun filled it is to grow up with lot of children. May be after a year or two Adi will also make friends with some of the neighbors and play hide and seek with them.
I hope he doesn’t sleep inside a dog house.
PeekAboo Adiii


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