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I Am Near You!

Oh! Dear, I am near you always I will be there until the very end
You might not see me or touch me But I am near, always near
Listen with your heart You will hear me and all my love to you
Hei, dear I am with you It feels so good, I truly love you
I’ll be your shadow when you are alone And your smile when you are not happy
Oh! Dear I will be always near you I really care, I love you! 

You are singing, What?

You are in kitchen, cutting vegetables and think about a song. You are thinking…
Johnny Johnny yes papa Eating sugar no papa Telling lies no papa Open your mouth… Hahaha….
You are cleaning your bathroom and signing……
Goosy goosy gander where shall I wander upstairs and downstairs and in my ladies chamber there I met an old man who would not say his prayers I took him by the left leg and throw him down the stairs
It’s happening to me. You forgot all your favorite movie songs and singing your kids favorites’.. How strange is parenting…..