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Picture Of The Week

2019 Week # 3
Most of the times beauty lies in the simplest of things.

This picture was taken during one of my visits to the beauty of nature, Palakkad.

Cat and The Butterfly

Looking through the window I could see the cat walking towards the children’s play area. A butterfly is trying to sit on the overgrown bushes, due to the rain we are getting for last few days. Cat has set his eyes on the butterfly just like me. I am enjoying that multicolored designs on its fire yellow wings while the cat is trying to catch that little beauty, or he might want to just play with it. After all the cat doesn’t realize its children’s play area.

While looking at the cat, trying to do jumping jacks with the butterfly all I am thinking is to write about it. So, I took my notepad and sat near the window, and started writing. Suddenly I hear a voice behind me “Amma, what are you drawing?”. It’s Adi. I Ignored him.
He came near to me, and asked again “Amma, what are you drawing?” “I am not drawing”. I replied. My answer has shaped another question for him. “Then?”. He came near to me, looked at the notepad and with an exclamation in his eyes said “Oh! You are writing”. Question is n…

Family Time

It’s sometimes hard to put in Words, Just What I have to say. It feels so good Family is so special Family time is a bond, This is like so strong.
Gone to the beach with family, And play with some mud and water. Waves come splashing over our feet And away it goes as we stand still. Time spend together Is worth every second.
Look up to the sky See then sun shining at you. Build the sandcastle For the water to sweep it away. Its so fun to play Together in the shining sun.
What words, what phrases, Are at our hands for use! Family teaches us values so real Family teaches us to share It teaches us to care They are the beat of my heart The pulse in my veins. I love my Family.

One More Time

Couple of days before I was going through this old song. It’s a Malayalam song. I am not translating this to English. I will never be able to do that.
No Malayalee can forget this song.

A song which brings out all the memories about our school days.
Our Vattam koodiya pazhaya vidylaya thirumuttathethuvan moham
Thirumuttathoru konil nilkumora nelli Maramonnulathuvan moham
Adarunna kaymanikal pozhiyumbo Chenneduthathilonnu thinnuvan moham
Sughamezhum kaypum pulippum madhuravum Nukaruvan ippozhum moham
Thodiyile kinarvellam korikudich Enthu madhuram ennothuvan moham
Oru vattam koodiya puzhayude theerathu Veruthe irikkuvan moham
Verruthe irunnora kuyilinte pattukett Ethir pattu paduvan moham
Athu kelke uchathil kookum kuyilinte
sruthi pinthudaruvan moham
Oduvil pinangi parannupom pakshiyod Aruthe ennothuvan moham
Veruthe ee mohangal ennariyumbolum Veruthe mohikkuvan moham

Happy Father's Day !

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there who love their children unconditionally.
A very special Father’s Day to the two darling Father’s at my home.
My very own Acha who lived all his life and still living for his two darling daughters. He did his best to give us good education and grow with values in life. We might not express the love we have but both me and my sister loves him and respect him always. My mom has always been in his side to raise as we are today. If we have any success in our life its all because of them. It might not require a special day to remember and appreciate them but at least today we can go ahead and tell that how much we love them.
And, the other one in my family is Adi’s sweetheart Appa who lives entirely for him. He could do anything to keep Adi Happy. With him BS is always a different person, the most caring, patient loving Dad ever.
I didn’t think about Father’s Day until Adi came and told me yesterday about it. He told me his teacher has said that …


My favorite corners. 

What makes you Happy

Do more of what make you Happy. Life only comes around once so go ahead, don’t hesitate. This is one lesson which we need to learn as early as possible.
Sometimes, the cost of not following the heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

Sometimes little things keep us happy. A sunrise or sunset, cup of coffee, an interesting book, long drives, giggles, a rainy day, music, conversations with loved ones, a day out with our little boy, these little things which means a lot to me, keeps me happy.
Doesn’t matter whether its little or big, we need to just find the things which keeps us Happy in our day today life.
I think the key to life is just to be Happy, it brings you success.


Beautiful Morning

Morning is pleasant after the night shower. Especially, when it comes as an end to hot summer. Waking up to this beautiful morning has given a positive vibe.
Looking out through the window I could see the tiny rays of sun trying to embrace the grass. They were slightly bending down as if shying away from first kiss. Birds are twittering around, without any traces of early morning sleep deprivation. This morning could only bring me joy. There is nothing more I could ask for. Just want to freeze in time.
You might be thinking why am I talking about rain and rainy mornings all the time. Believe me look through my eyes, no, look through my heart you will also start loving rain. May be because I was born and bought up in Kerala, God’s own country which is most beautiful during rain. Of course, I have not been to any other part of world to find out about their beauty.
My friend says rain is depressive. I don’t know, may be. But I could only find the magic in them.

Picture of the Week

2019 Week # 2
A bell’s no bell ‘til you ring it, a song’s not a song ’til you sing it, Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love is not love ‘til you give it away.” Oscar Hammerstein II

Power Boost

Adi is five years already. I remember the moment when I saw him for the first time. Those tiny little hands which was always trying to catch something. Looking at his face all I could feel was contented. The feeling which I cannot, may be none of the mothers can put into words.
Adi is a sweet little kid who wants to explore the word on his own terms. He doesn’t listen to me at all. 😊☹. The only fact which makes me relived is, he doesn’t listen to BS also.
There were many changes in our lives during these five years. One of the main is relocating to Kochi. Me and BS always wanted Adi to stay near to his grandparents. It takes an hour and a half drive to reach our parents home.
Driving with Adi is very difficult task for us. He wants to reach the destination within five minutes of our journey. So, occupying him inside the car is my responsibility by answering all the questions about any topic which has his attention.
If I couldn’t justify my responsibility right, we will end up in liste…

Balance the Life, Live it as it is!!

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel that whatever you do doesn’t bring any happiness? Do you think the life which you were leaving is not what really you want? Then you are not alone I am with you.
I have searched for a solution all over internet. There are hundreds in there. But not necessarily everything is for you. We are living our life. No one is sure what situation we are in. The life which we live will be only measured by ourselves. Others can give you multiple choices but the one which suits you should be selected only by you.
I was going through similar situation few months before. I didn’t know what to do with my life. Life felt to be meaningless in many situations. After searching through n number of websites I understood one thing life is what we take it. There is nothing which blooms forever. We cannot expect to be happy all the time. We might not even take things positively all the time.
Its ok to be sad, its ok to be frustrated, its ok to be upset about things. Tha…

Picture Of the Week

2019 Week # 1
A beautiful sunset view from Subash Bose Park, Marine Drive Cochin. Sunsets are the proofs that whatever happens every day can end beautifully.  I love to sit here and watch sunsets.  It’s a long drive from my place and getting a parking is very difficult at times. But I enjoy the beauty and calmness here. What more beautiful in this world than a sunset or a sunrise.

Content Search

I always try to think about the topics which I am going to write. Maybe I am not great in dialectal. When I read an article, it makes me wonder how people write so beautiful and simple. A note which takes us to some magical world.
But I am nothing like that. Maybe I will try to improve.
Its almost 8.30 pm here. Still have pending works. But here I am sitting in front of my laptop looking for topics to write or trying my imagination work.
It’s the end of May and the schools are going to reopen by first week of June. Adi is going to UKG. He is not studying IAS but still I am worrying about his schooling's.
Will he learn the right way? Do his schooling's going to teach him to be a great human being? Is he going to fight in the school? Will he listen to his teacher?
For a child who is just five, I am overthinking. Why don’t I leave him as he is? There might not be any use for me to think about something which I don’t have control over. Instead of worrying I can guide him to be a great …

Transformation – hoping for the best

I have started this blog years before. Till today, I couldn’t be a regular blogger. All I want is to turn this to be a place where I can pour out anything comes to my mind. But my last post was on December 2016.

Lot of things have changed till then. My son turned five. We moved cities. Lost some weight 😊. Only thing with no revolution is may be this blog. It has not improved a bit from the day I started this.

Now I know who I am Now I know what I must do There is a positive change in me. Hope I continue the same without falling back to My indolence.