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Good Customer Service Is Important

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Good customer service is something important to me. In my own
work in publishing, I try hard to deliver some basics of good customer service
in my responses through email or on the phone or in the mail. It is important to
be timely and thorough in this process.

There are countless examples of companies that don't practice
good customer service and I wanted to point out a recent example. For the last
several years I get my internet connection, landline and television bundled
through CenturyLink. Overall I've been pleased with their service and
responsiveness. My wife and I enjoy using our DVR to record television programs
then watch them together. We watch a variety of different types of programs.

Last Sunday I went to one of the standard stations— CBS and
found a message from DirectTV (the television arm of CenturyLink). Apparently
DirectTV and CBS are in “negotiations” for service and that service is now
disrupted—i.e. you can't get it. No one …


Here comes a butterfly in my Garden, Spreading the wings and fly From flower to flower They live on dew and honey.
It’s a little butterfly Let it fly let it fly Let it fly in my garden and Let it fly into the high sky !

Two weeks with Fever, Cold and Cough

I have made a promise to myself that this blog will have subjects regularly. But last two weeks I couldn’t stick to it. Not because I was lazy and finding excuses not to write. But a bad fever, cold and cough.
I just found out that a viral fever can be this worse. I couldn’t get up from my bed. Forget about sitting in front of a screen and think about a topic and write about it.
Two weeks before Adi came home with a fever. Temperature was very high that we took him to hospital on the same day. Viral fever, nothing else. He will be all right within two days. Doctor was right. His fever went off within two days. But I got one.
I couldn’t getup from the bed and needed two blankets to sleep. This lasted for three days. And that was not just. I couldn’t do anything other than lying down in the bed for complete two weeks. It took only Paracetamol tablets to reduce the temperature, but it took two complete weeks for me to come back to normal life routines.
Thank God I recovered soon. 😊