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The Necessity of Continued Pitching

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Admittedly after years in publishing, I get tired of the
continuous pitching. Afterall, I've written for many magazines and publisher,
don't the publishing offers just come to me without effort on my part? No.
Rarely in my years in this business does someone come to me with a writing
project. Yes it has happened in my writing but I recognize the rarity of that

One of the realities of the publishing world is the writer has
to continually pitch their ideas to get published. For the world of print
you have to either write your article completely then send it to
the editor or write a query letter with your idea and get a magazine editor to
assign the article. I've written complete articles which never got published and
I've written query letters which never got picked up an garnered an assignment.
It is part of the risk that every writer takes.

To get on the faculty of a
or to get a speaking assignment, you have t…

Four Reasons to Send Me Your New Book

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Every day new books pour into the market and millions of other
titles are already in print and on the market. As an acquisitions editor at Morgan James, a New
York publisher with about 150 new titles a year, I'm actively involved in
bringing new books into the market. I'm a contributor to the volume of new books
entering the marketplace.

Over the years, I've received many books from publishers and
authors. At a Book Expo in Los Angeles, I picked up an advance reading copy
(ARC) of a book from Doubleday called Covenant House.
I had this book months before it released to the public. I read the book and
wrote a short query letter to a magazine. This publication gave me a word count
and a deadline for my review (which I met). It was my first published book
review.  I was a book review columnist for two print publications (both no
longer exist). Each issue I selected the books which were reviewed in these
columns. Some publishers sent me most of the …

An Unusual Pitch Session

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

During a recent Saturday, I participated in a virtual pitch
session. Through zoom (a computer connection), for two and a half hours, I
listened to 25 authors pitch their book to me. The sessions were rapid fire and
each one lasted about four minutes each.

While I've been going to writer's
for many years and meeting writers face to face for their
pitches, this session involved no travel for me. I was sitting in my office
listening to these authors pitch their work. I understand from the conference
director that the writers came from all over the country for this event. Before
they pitched, they knew my background and about Morgan James
. I had nothing in advance of my meeting with them—not even their
names. I was one of five possible people for these authors to pitch. There were
three literary agents
and one film producer besides me. Of these varioous professionals, I was the
only one who worked directly with a publisher (and can…

The Ministry of Your Book

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

There are many reasons to write books. Some people write to make money. Others write for a business card to lead to more business and speaking engagements. Others write to teach others and get their message into the market. Each of these reasons is a valid one but not the focus of this article.

First I want to mention a great resource. From my years in publishing, every author needs to read and learn from experts who know publishing intimately and learn from their insights. This type of wisdom fills the pages of MISTAKES AUTHORS MAKE.  Authors Rick Frishman, Bret Ridgway and Bryan Hane have worked with thousands of authors on marketing, promoting and selling books. Their combined experience is poured into the contents of MISTAKES AUTHORS MAKE.  Here’s one brief example of the information packed into this book: “Your book is a door opener. It’s an introduction to you and your message. It’s a marketing weapoin in your arsenal as you look ato build y…