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Learn How to Reach the Library Book Market

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

You spot a new book that looks interesting. Where do you turn to get that book? Some of you are thinking Amazon—and yes Amazon would have some information about the book. Yet on Amazon to actually get the book in your hands, you have to buy that book and spend money.  Often the first place I look is not to buy the book but to explore my local library. Can I get the book there? Can I get the audiobook through my library? Can I get the book through interlibrary loan? Often the answer is yes.

I have a branch of my local public library about three blocks from my house. As I've learned to use their online catalog, I can often reserve books from home, then get an email they are ready for me to pick up and go get these books. If I don't find the book in their catalog, then I can use interlibrary loan to locate the book and get it. Or sometimes I will make a book purchase suggestion. For example, last week in my email I saw a book where the title…

A Critical Responsibility for Every Writer

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

I often hear fascinating stories from writers about their
experiences in publishing. I listen to these stories because I learn more about
the world of publishing. Often in the process, I discover some pitfalls to avoid
with my own publishing efforts. Yes after years in publishing, I continue to
learn—and I hope you are learning too because that is how we continue to grow as

This author has written a number of nonfiction books. For
his most recent book, he signed with a literary agent and had high hopes for the
success of this book. While I'm not including the name of this agent, she is
well respected within publishing. She has a large number of clients and has
placed a number of books with various publishers. In other words, this agent has
a good reputation and this author was thrilled to sign with such an agent. This
agent took his nonfiction book and placed it with a small traditional publisher
located in the midwest.

With the agent placing hi…

How To Eat An Elephant

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

How do you eat an elephant? It's an old joke but you eat an
elephant one bite at a time.  It the same way to accomplish any huge task—one
action at a time. Recently I began to write another book.  It doesn't matter
that I've done it over and over through the years. Each time it looks daunting
to write an entire book manuscript. No matter what others will tell you for
everyone getting started is hard. The writing in the middle is hard and
finishing is hard. Yes the task is difficult and looks impossible. So how do you
get it done? One bite at a time.

What is the deadline for completing your book? If you don't have
a deadline, then I suggest you set one. After you have a deadline, how many
words a day are you going to write to complete the deadline? Make sure you build
in some extra days for the unexpected (happens to everyone) but make sure you
hit your deadline.

Or maybe your goal is tied to your social media. You want to
reach a certain numb…

What Is Writing Success?

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Success is a pursuit for many writers, authors and publishing
professionals. If we are honest, each of us will define success in different
terms. In this article, I want to give you some ideas which hopefully will
encourage you to keep going with your writing.

Occasionally book authors will ask me about success or becoming
a bestseller. When asked, I attempt to give them my best answer—and basically it
will boil down to that author's marketing activity and drive to sell books.
There is no single path for each author. If there were such a path, then every
book would be a bestseller and we know that isn't the case.

For me, I write about topics and people which interest me.
Thankfully I have a broad spectrum of interest so there is never a lack of
possibilities for my writing. I learn a great deal with each article or book or
writing project. Each one has built a great deal into my life and the richness
of that experience. I hope writing brings that sort…

Get Inspiration

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Where do you find inspiration for your writing? For me, this inspiration comes from many different sources but as a writer we have to be aware and watching for it. I love a good story and find myself returning to these stories mentally and thinking about them over and over.

I've mentioned in the past about listening to audiobooks through Overdrive. It is a free resource through the public library. You can easily check out audiobooks, download them on your phone then listen to them as you walk (through earphones) or drive (through bluetooth) or many other means.

I love listening to memoirs and self-help books. Recently I listened to actor Michael Caine's memoir, Blowing the Bloody Doors Off. At 85 years old, actor Michael Caine has lived an amazing life. Like you would expect, his life is filled with ups and downs—and both aspects are captured in the pages of this fascinating book. I listened to Caine’s narration of the audiobook version c…