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The Downside of Persistence (A Cautionary Tale)

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

I've written a number of times in these entries about how a key quality for every writer is persistence. People tell us “no” a lot in this
business and you have to persist to find the right place to get published. In
this article, I want to tell a cautionary tale about the downside of
persistence. Yes, persistence can be carried to far and make a negative

At Morgan James Publishing, we get a number of authors and
literary agents approaching us with material. Internally we call these leads
because they may lead to a published book (or not). There are a many books that
we are looking for and a number of books that we do not publish. The key at the
end of the day is a good fit for the author and the book to publish with Morgan
James. We receive over 5,000 submissions a year and only publish about 150
books. Despite what some people on the outside of the company say, we have a
selection process and are not a vanity publisher. If we were a vanity

Boost Your Writing To A New Level

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

I'm heading to another conference this week and I'm looking
forward to it for a number of reasons. Our work in publishing as writers and
editors is isolated. Yes I work with my Morgan James Publishing
colleagues to get contracts, negotiate with agents and authors and
do book deals. I work for a New York publisher yet I live in Colorado. The bulk
of my work is done on the phone and email rather than face to face. It's the
same with my writing work. The work is often done on my computer or phone rather
than face to face. Yes there are some of these physical meetings but not
often. During each day, I set my own schedule for phone calls, meetings, and
many other tasks. Conferences are a chance to break the routine and do something

A conference is an opportunity for me to reconnect with old
friends. I've been traveling to some of these events for years and met
remarkable editors, writers and people in other roles in this business. Foll…

Be "The Exception" Author

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

From my years in publishing. I know there are many authors who
want to write a bestselling book. They take classes and courses and work hard at
learning the craft of storytelling and writing. They join a
critique group
and even hire an outside editor to produce an excellent
manuscript and proposal. They go to conferences and meet literary agents and
editors, then follow up with their writing. Each of these steps are important
and essential to the process.

Publishing has a lot of competition as a part of the mixture.
Thousands of new books enter the marketplace every day and there are many books
already in print with those authors trying to sell their books. While
self-publishing is always an option, it is not a route that I recommend to
authors because most of it is not successful (doesn't sell) and you end up doing
everything on your own (everything—including functions that you have no interest
in doing).

As an
acquisitions editor,
I'm looking for au…

A Simple Expression of Appreciation

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

The key book which has guided my life in publishing has been the
Bible. For many years, I've read a different version of the Bible from cover to
cover each year. Reading the Scriptures is a key part of the beginning of each
day.  I have been reading in The
Passion Translation
(Broadstreet). If you don't know about the Passion
, I encourage you to get a copy and read it. From my experience,
often reading in a new translation will give you fresh insights and perspective.
One of the final letters the Apostle Paul wrote was his second letter to
Timothy. In 2 Timothy 3:1–5,  he includes a series
of godless acts that will happen during the Last Days. tucked into some terrible
things is a single word: ungrateful. (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

The opposite of ungrateful is gratitude. As a writer, how do you
incorporate gratitude into your daily life?

How you express gratitude doesn't have to be complicated. A
simple expression of appreciation can go a lo…