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Write a Review AND Promote Your Book

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Through the years I've been in publishing, I've met many
different writers and they share at least one common characteristic: writers are
. Yes we are people who love books, buy books, tell others about
books and read books.

Often in these entries, I have talked about Amazon reviews (click this link to see some of those entries). I have a
long-standing practice where any book that I read or listen to (audiobook), I
take a few minutes a write a review then post it on Amazon and Goodreads. I have
written over 500 reviews on Goodreads where I have 5,000 friends and
my reviews get a lot of attention. On Amazon I have written almost 1,000 reviews. It only takes me a few
minutes after reading the book (where the time is involved) to write and post my
review. In the past, I've shared the details about how I promote one of my own
books with my reviews on Amazon (follow this link to read that post).

Writing reviews is one of the ways I support oth…

Right Fit: The Search Within Publishing

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

For over seven years, I've been acquiring books for Morgan 

. As an acquisitions editor, I have a lot of interesting exchanges
wtih authors, editors and literary agents about books. In this article, I'm going to
tell you a few stories related to a constant search within publishing: finding
the right fit.

If you can't find the right fit for you. You can always
self-publish. Last year over 1.6 million new books took this route of
self-publishing. One of my writer friends self-published and told me how he
spent over $10,000 in the process of creation, editing and launching his book.
When I spoke with him, he was wondering if he made the right choice for his
book. As an editor, I've heard this story many times from various authors. For
many houses if you self published, they will not consider taking it into their
publshing house—unless you have huge sales like 100,000 copies. The good news is
occasionally at Morgan James we take a …

Use Reminders on Your Phone to Meet Deadlines

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

As a writer and editor in publishing, I have many different
deadlines and responsibilities. Years ago, I used lists and post-its to make
sure I got things done. For the last year or so, I have used another tool that I
often carry with me all the time—my iPhone. If you look in your phone, a
standard app which comes with every phone is called reminders. Are you using
this tool? From my experience, it is way better than tying a string on your finger which is an old fashion reminder. 

I use reminders for my work but also personal
deadlines—basically anything I want to remember. It only takes a few minutes to
create the reminder and set a deadline for the reminder. For example, last week
I flew Southwest Airline. As a part of flying this airline, you can check-in 24
hours ahead of the departure. Of course you can pay the Early Bird check-in fee
and avoid this process but I don't. Instead I set a reminder on my phone for a
few minutes before the check-in time,…

How to Listen to Bestselling Books (For Free)

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Recently I listened to the new memoir by actress Demi Moore
called Inside
. About the time I finished listening to the book, the hardcover
print memoir was #1 on the nonfiction bestseller list from Publishers Weekly.  

While Inside Out
was unusual listening for me, it wasn't the first time I heard a current
bestseller about the time of its release. In fact, it happens to me often. I
read or listen to many bestselling books. In this article, I want to show you
how you too can listen to the latest books about the time of their release and
when people are talking about them and you are reading about them in the

1. Read about forthcoming books and use free online publications
like Publishers Weekly, Shelf Awareness, newspaper or magazines. As you read, be
watching for the information about forthcoming books and then take action. The
action that I'm encouraging you to take is to sign up to get the book coming
your direction (free).

2.  If you see so…

When Something Goes Wrong In the Writing Process

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

From my experience in publishing, there are many tests and
trials in the process. You plan things and then those things don't happen or go
off kilter or break or many other possibilities. As I see it, there are two
tests in this process—the one on the surface and then the real rest of how you
handle this situation.

Last week I began working with an author on writing his book. He
came into town from across the country and we spent two days together working on
gathering the stories and contents of his book. The work was interesting and I
believe a fascinating book will result from those hours of working together.
From my experience, something always goes wrong in this creative process—always.
Now I tend to forget that this happens (also part of the process) and it always
catches me by surprise.

For years when I work with someone to interview them, I record
it. I have an old fashion tape recorder and use real tapes (hard to find these
days but possible). I h…